Our Model: Applied Relationality

Applied Relationality is the philosophy that defines our entire program. It speaks to the importance of bringing virtue to past, present, and future relational experiences. This model also acknowledges the need for a student to do the same work in relationship to parts of themselves as well as with others.

When your daughter redefines the meanings behind her relational experiences, she has permission to make new choices. We help her do this experientially on campus, and therapeutically in direct therapy work. She can heal and maintain social, emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing when given new strategies to connect to her peers, professors, and parents in healthier ways.

Remember those friends that you aren’t so fond of your daughter hanging out with?

Through Applied Relationality, we can explore why she’s seeking out friends like that, identify the strategies she currently uses to gain friendships, and how/why these strategies haven’t really helped her overall wellbeing.

We can help her move forward and change these strategies, but not without helping her illuminate the unconscious beliefs that have informed her relational patterns.

Luckily, therapeutic work with unconscious beliefs is something we’re particularly skilled at.