Our entire campus culture is cultivated by the Aspirations Program.

Culture is about what is valued by the community and how people treat one another.

A virtue based culture isn’t just a necessary context to create healthy relationships, it’s a therapeutic intervention all by itself.

The five Aspirations are…

  •    Respect and Gratitude
  •    Courtesy and Compassion
  •    Empathy and Forgiveness
  •    Humility and Honor
  •    Trust of self and others.

Each Aspiration is broken down into emotional, mental and behavioral descriptions that define and enliven what the student is aspiring to be. Students must demonstrate an inculcation of each virtue before moving to the next virtue with assessments and recommendations made by a council of peers and adults. As the student progresses from one aspiration to the next, they receive additional opportunities and privileges with peers, staff, visitors, parents and friends.

The Aspirations Program functions like this:

  1. Students are educated about what constitutes love and virtue through a curriculum, study, and discussion.
  2. Aspiration councils are held student wide and within family units (learn more about those below) by students who accept the roles and responsibilities of leadership to create and maintain this culture across campus.
  3. Aspiration council leaders are trained and mentored to be examples and voices of virtue for the GBA community.
  4. Councils are a time for students to congratulate one another on making healthy changes, and intervene/ assist students whose behaviors or conflicts weaken and undermine the virtue/loving culture.

This structure creates a safe community and ensures your daughter will be welcomed and supported with open arms upon her arrival on campus. Girls take care of each other as a result of experiencing the emotionally rich relationships that result from practicing the Aspirations.

Aspiration Council teaches…

  •    leadership skills
  •    empathy
  •    communication skills
  •    emotional sensitivity