When you envision your daughter’s day to day life on Greenbrier’s campus, it’s helpful to understand our Family Unit structure.

Each Family Unit consists of 8 students, 1 or 2 therapists, 1 academic advisor, and 2-3 Residential Advisors.

  •    The Therapist is the  Leader of their Family Group who:
    •     Conducts one on one and group therapy sessions
    •     Facilitates the Family Unit Aspiration Council
    •     Facilitates parent/student phone calls based on the current Aspiration and Module plan
  •    The Family Group will have 3-4 therapeutic groups each week led or delegated by the Therapist.
  •    Aspiration Council with all family members in attendance. One student may be assigned by the Therapist to facilitate the Council. The Council will focus on each student’s sincerity and effort in working on their Aspiration.
  •    The Family Group will have 3 huddles during the day and can be facilitated by the Therapist, RA, or academic advisor.
    • The huddles are to organize schedules, create focus, problem solve, and manage emotions.

You want your daughter to feel loved, safe, and comfortable while she’s away from home.

She will be welcomed into an environment that gives her the space to practice making completely different choices than she did at home, insuring a smooth, successful transition when it’s her time to step out into the world.